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Homecoming! Ish....

Or rather how I am putting off coming home... just for a wee bit longer.

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For all of you slaving away sewing and decorating my welcome home banner (the one I shall run through when I reach Tullamarine) - I have good news!:
You shall have a little bit longer to get the blanket stitching edging even more perfect - as I have decided to delay my return trip once again...

Basically, this is a test to see who has been reading my blog (or *not* as the case may be... but I thought I'd leave you hanging after my Porto coronary, just to keep the mystery going...)... and for those of you who have been missing me in this digital format, I shall be reappearing here soon with MORE fun and adventures, near misses and mere nisses. Pending discovering what of a Nisses is.

Anyhoo, apologies for not getting this news of me extending my trip out sooner than now, it's just that I have been so darned busy. And a little bit tired. And I have only just decided this wish for more time to actually become a reality.

Was supposed to be back on the 25th of October, but am now boycotting the race that stops a nation to attend a massive bonfire in England (if only I could remember remember what it is all about... but I think it's on the 5th of November).

SO - I shall be bouncing back to life and back to these pages with news of my recent past (more of Spain, Bruges, Amsterdam and London) as well as upcoming travels to Scotland and perhaps even Ireland. You lucky things, you.
But the trick is, to experience such things so I can write about them, and you clever people get to read them, I must extend my stay away - just a tad longer.

  • But* - keep those beers on ice, as the icy conditions here in the UK shall surely drive me home - and much like the driving snow that shall be lining the streets here within weeks, it will all be all white.

That's it for me for now.

Suffice to say, I miss you all - but fear the reality that is awaiting my return (lack of job, house, money) - so this broad is staying abroad for just a little longer.

I shall update this blog retrospectively AND update my new arrival day and time (keep working on that stitching) - when in fact I know when it is... the decision eludes me still.
That's the Penny Jelly you all know and love... just as indecisive as ever.
Or am I?


M.I.A. - PJ x

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Love the visual of your running through that blanket-stitched banner at Tulla, Jelly. And have always loved the idea of a bonfire celebrating a guy who tried to blow up Parliament (That's what Guy Fawkes Day is about right?! And frankly, I know how he felt...) Stay longer and prosper. Looking forward to a beer on a beach or my balcony when you return x

by cassy

beer is duly on ice. enjoy Scotland. wish I could give you some tips but I really can't. Edinburgh is great, so I hear, and try and get out to a loch or a castle or something spectacular. Bonfire night is great, and fireworks are not banned in the UK. Hope your bonfire burns an effigy, like we used to do in the olden days . . .

by alison

Hey Jelly
Bonfire night is a wee bit crazy and all about burning a Catholic so one custom I always a little uneasy with considering my upbringing but it is fun all the same.
I must admit that I haven't really kept up with your blogs so didn't know you had a return date (of today!) so have missed being disappointed but instead I shall now look forward to hearing your new date. However as I am living my travelling life now vicariously through yours I say: stay - enjoy and brace yourself against the cold. Winter is long but somehow Christmas just seems more christmasy over there. Have some mulled wine, go to a few Christmas markets and roast some chestnuts....now I shall go and read about what you have being up to.
Dianne x

by Dianne Pinner

All is lost. You cannot help us now. Stay there, make a new life for yourself. Forget us. We love you.

by Bruvva

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