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Celebrating being born, in the USA 28/04/2014
Devi Garh to Goa wake up call 10/04/2013
Holy Cow! We're in India 04/04/2013
Guess who is heading to India tomorrow?! 21/03/2013
I'm Back! 29/11/2010
The clapped out plane trip. 12/11/2010
Food (for) thought(s). 04/11/2010
Glencoe a bit out of Fort William... Just 'cos. 04/11/2010
Bawny Scortlarnd WITH PHOTOS 04/11/2010
Bawnee Skortlarnd 04/11/2010
Homecoming! Ish.... 19/10/2010
Oporto; I hear it's nice!! 23/09/2010
I never went Hungry in Hungary 23/09/2010
Cats and Cacti 05/09/2010
Valencia Paella 05/09/2010
Ad - nauseous 30/08/2010
Are you alone? 29/08/2010
House Rules 29/08/2010
Things that bug me... 22/08/2010
What is it you kunst face? 21/08/2010
Notable Meal 16/08/2010
My last two nights in Berlin. 16/08/2010
BERLIN, Ich bin ein Berliner. 16/08/2010
Getting all riled up about the rail. 06/08/2010
The most important thing... 03/08/2010
Czech one, two! Is this thing on... 03/08/2010
Rome - more 26/07/2010
Rome 26/07/2010
A piece of Pisa 26/07/2010
Suntouched and sensitive on the Amalfi Coast 26/07/2010
21 hours in Lucca 20/07/2010
I was over there, behind that post, the entire time! 07/07/2010
I forgot to mention how much fun I am having 09/05/2010
A small taste of Thailand and Laos 07/05/2010
One Night in Bangkok... 23/04/2010
Mapping it out. 18/04/2010
Packing Up 18/04/2010
I Bagsed it! 11/04/2010
The Countdown is on. 09/04/2010