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Mapping it out.

My travel plans from April 28th to May 27th... I think there's a birthday or two in that time...

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The Plan!

The Plan!

So - this is the plan for me for the next month and a bit.
I guess I can handle it... I will miss work though....

(I think we make a stop there...)

Anyhoo I'm mapping when I should be mopping up the mess of the flat...
Off I go!

PJ x

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Packing Up

Packing it in...

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Still packing.
Thanks everyone for coming along to my going away partay on Saturday night.
It was GREAT to see everyone... and I shall write more on this later...
I just wanted to say - thanks - AND - I am still packing.
the joys...

Soon it will only be arriving and departing and making sure that I haven't lost anything in the packing and unpacking along the way...

But then, it's just stuff.

More soon.
PJ xElwood Sunsets I shall miss...

Elwood Sunsets I shall miss...

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I Bagsed it!

Penny Jelly manages to pack for 4 months worth in less that 1 x 65 litre bag!

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Yes, you read correctly - one practice pack into it, and I have managed to pack less than what my bag actually holds. Amazing?! You're telling me!
So, the trick is, not to look at the bag and the empty spaces that I could fill BEFORE I get onto the plane.
All in all, I am feeling pretty good about things... now the trick is to go back to work and do the same this with this project manager gig that I have...
Pack it all up and go.
So - best get some sleep and get on with it!

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The Countdown is on.

13 days to go...

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Welcome to my travel journal!
I now (as the subheading mentions) have 13 days to go. Not that I am counting or anything...
That means 5 days of work, 4 days of weekends, 1 day at the airport, 1 day to pack up the rest of my life up into varying sizes of cardboard boxes and then graciously dump them on Mum and Dad (thanks Mum and Dad!), 1 day to FREAKOUT!!! and 1 spare day! Plenty of time!
I am looking forward to my last paycheque, and yet not, at the same time.
April the 15th shall mark the last time that I have any kind of income coming to me (don't tell the banks that have just given me credit cards (mwahaha)) - as well as the second last day of work.
The days at work are supposed to be 5 x 7.5hrs a day... we'll see how that pans out. Tying up loose ends and getting my head in order to spill out the contents and secrets of all of my projects from the last 18 months will be a tiring challenge - but one that I shall grab onto with both hands (while secretly stealing a paperclip per day for the rest of my time. By the 16th of April, I shall have enough for a rustic, kitsch necklace that I may be able to sell at an inner city market for $25).
So - this is my first entry to my travelblog, please feel free to browse, add comments, get jealous or panic on my behalf.
I look forward to keeping this record for myself, as well as share my experiences and stories.
All the best,
My new home...

My new home...

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