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Or not the news.

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I learned recently that 'on-line papers' like The Herald Sun and the (let's face it) better daily: The Age and affiliated broadsheets, place stories in their online content which they know people will click on so the advertisers or sponsors on these particular pages shall have greater air time.

So, normally the Age might NOT feature "Sex offender slays 5 after all night orgy with local politician clothed in illegal YSL imports" but, in their online quota, they need to get the 'clicks'; so this becomes one of their top 5 similar stories. And the headlines, of course, don't actually represent the story/news at all!

Thus, I am obliged(er) to say, this is yet a further misrepresentation of what the *actual* "news" is!! Shameful.

It saddens me to learn this stuff, but at the same time I feel gladdened that we don't have a rising population of perverts.
Instead, we just have a growing population of voyueristic armchair perverts.
Much better!

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House Rules

Or, what is and what is not okay in a church in Padova...

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Padova church, Italy.

...and things that I noticed, other than the rather beautiful architecture and space.

At the end of a sunny day, I made it to one of the popular destinations in the finally pretty town of Padova. I say 'finally' as after exiting the train I did think about turning on my heel and scooting back to Venice - this town, near the train station, felt close, threatening and unlovely. Luckily, I wandered past my doubts and stumbled upon the lovely city centre.
And after sitting in a park and finding a four leaf clover (I know?!) I made it to the mighty Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Just before closing time!

I was greeted by a security guard asking me to adjust my clothing, as per the sign telling you what else you can't do...

You have to cover up your shoulders, this is a sign of resepct, and I get that. I was respectful all throughout SE Asia through Buddhist temples and Catholic churches, and I shall continue my respect in other people's houses, whether they be God's or Jo Blog's.

However, as I wandered about this rather grand place of worship, sermons and ceremony, I was witness to a great number of highly religious people entering the chapel and the chamber of St. Anth's remains and the grand hall etc blatantly ignoring the no photo signs (of which there were many, inside and out - also stating that you can't bring in dogs, wear revealing clothes (as discussed, got that covered) and banning graffiti - which is always good to note in churches, I'm surprised I didn't see any bombing or tagging in the Vatican, for there were no warnings against this activity)! So when they happily clicked and digitally snapped away - and were then yelled at; they acted embarrased, and walked the walk of shame out of sight of the father, or brother or robed up guy who yelled at them repeatedly, thus interrupting their lining up the perfecto shot, and then from their safety of the cover of darkness, they sneak a photo in anyway! Complete disregard for the place that they are in. I am savvy enough to know that! And I don't need a sign telling me!!

The fact that they use a flash which will not work on long distances anyway, and the fact that it will only flatten or completely white out the foreground is another thing altogether. But the fact that they can genuflect, cross themselves (out of respect to the big unhappy dude hanging up everywhere, he really must have been cross) and then kneel and pray and pay respect and light a candle and donate - and then step back and capture the moment secretly (which I think is worse, right?! - I mean the man telling them off might not see them, but surely the big guy in the sky sees everything, which is why I had to cover my offensive, but for one time in their life, tanned shoulders), or film their friends and family in quiet and holy contemplation - well I find this completely at odds. Ironic even. Won't they then have to confess this the NEXT time they come to church, which may or may not also be captured for the family album - and thus the whole circle continues?!
Say it ain't so, bruvva.

There's more to write about Padova, and churches, but now is not the time or the place, they're closing up shop here.


There was clearly no icon of a person writing notes on an iPhone with a line through it...!

Pj x


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Are you alone?


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"Are you alone?"

...She asked, and I looked about the empty room with only one other bed made up with me on it, and wondered if she could see ghosts or some other paranormal activity.

Or perhaps it was more an inquiry on my life status, the box that I check on health care forms and the like:




The last box could apply to either previous box, by the way.

Or perhaps she was hitting on me. Unlikely, and not wanted... Or warranted. I was slurping a cup of soup and was rather steamed up from the noodles at the time... Not a good look.
Or perhaps she is a spy... or thinks *I'm* a spy! "Did you come alone? Were you followed?".

So I simply replied to this rather simple question:

"Shut up! You are!"

And you know what?! I was right.

- Venice. 25.08.10
provided for fun, taken out of context and embellished. PJ -

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Things that bug me...

Or rather, European wasps in their natural environment...

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European wasps.

I've seen them here!

Of course!! I am in Europe, it makes sense.

And of course I know what they look like, as they were the scourge of my Ringwood East primary school. There was a crackdown on open soft drink cans, a school awareness campaign, and even local plastic pioneers jumped on board to copyright a colourful, sealable lid for the open mouthed cans to prevent an infaltration of said wasp. This was all due to rising reports of when you inevitably drink from the can, you inevitably ingest the wasp and it will sting you repeatedly from it's horrible retractible stinger, so that your throat closes up and you eventually die. Harsh, but true. Honesty ain't always pretty, people. Let's face it, it rarely is - we are constantly told the truth hurts. And it's ugly, people. Ugly.

Now, I wasn't allowed soft drink on a day to day basis like the other hopped up kids, and if I ever did partake of a sugary liquid treat, I was always obliged to use a straw. Much more hygenic, and let's face it; much more lady like. It's prabably the root of my devotion to mojotis. I was weened young.

European wasps, however, I say, getting back to the poisonous retractable point, are fine in Europe. Until the plague of these beastly creatures in Australia, I had only been privvy to the sweet little honey bee that stings you once, apologises and then dies.
I am of course not allergic to bees and thus consider them to be sweet and nice (the clue is in their title). For those of you who are allergic, my apologies... For me, the are just buzzy little bees that you watch, but don't particularly want them too near to you. Like most insects. But bees are fuzzy and slow, and they also most probably have a British accent. And if they had noses and elbows, I am sure they would be sporting spectacles and leather patches (on elbows, not eyes, - they're not pirates!! Well, pollen pirates, maybe, but that's their one job in life - let them have it) - perhaps it's something to do with unquestionably worshipping the Queen, or perhaps just the way they bumble around. More on bumble bees later. They deserve their entirly own section of adjectives. As well as the often bandied about discussion as whether bees actually have knees, or not. And why are they a simile for all that is good.

But I digress. 

The only time I have been stung by a bee was by a dead one, washed up on the chlorinated decking shores of our underground(underdeck)/above ground pool. It's a long story, to which you shall exclaim "a dead bee. That's ridiculous!" over and over again in hurtful mockery, so I'll just cut to the chase. It was a dead stinger!!

I was playing near the water - apparently I wasn't precious enough to have a pool gate installed, or perhaps things were just different then. A time of simple joy. A time of playing all day in the back yard without need for electronic distraction. A time when my dad had to go out and shoot a rabid dog in the street... Wait a second, we never had mocking birds in Australia....
Anyhoo, I stepped on this drowned insect and it still had the where withall to sting me. Bravo. That is ingenuity. To the very last. (See, British!)  But it only stung me once, regardless of it's state of health/life! But that's the thing, bees only sting you once. Wasps, especially European wasps, will go at you repeatedly. Little bastards. 

But my point is, and I'm no racist, or xenophobe, but how dare these European wasps come into my home(land) and threaten me like this?! When I come to Europe, I expect to see European wasps, except here, they're probably just called wasps for lack of knowing their first or last names, but in Australia, I don't wanna see no black and yellow stinging machines, I wanna see various honey bees (before they die out; read up on the epidemic) and Australian wasps! Sure they're brown and uninteresting, and lazy, kinda ugly, and you never actually really see them about anymore. But let's face it: they're probably being true blue Aussie and are laying at home on the couch drinking VB and complaining that their livelihoods have been taken away by these foreign bug(ger)s, so what's the point?!

Well, MY point is: if *I* go into ocean and get stung by a stingray whilst trying to grapple with it, film it and yell "crikey" at it, then, fair enough. Sad, but a calculated risk.
I know what's out there.
But if a stingray comes up to my front door, then it is out of place, and doesn't deserve to be there. There's a reason why wasps can't get passports! So, I'd politely try and avoid confrontation before flapping my arms about like a mad person and probably eventually enrage it, or accidentally impale myself on it. Sad and unexpected - but unavoidable if they just put on their blinkers and chose not to see more of the world!

Look at it this way, if you will. Travelling, I have been told time and time again that Australia has THE most number of deadly creatures in the entire world. EVER!! Step outside and you're likely to be bit, stung, trapped, swallowed, deathrolled, vicerated or concussed by a drop bear.

Basically, anyone growing up in Australia is lucky to be alive (and remember, I had no child proof pool gate either), that's why they call it the lucky country - so don't be bringing no European threats in insect form into my home town. Please?! We have enough of our own!! Europe, please keep your wasps!! We'll take your hot chocolates, fast cars, fashion and snobbery, but keep them insects well housed!!

Have we learned nothing from the Beatles?!: Just let it bee.

Righto, that's enough from me. Now I'm going to buzz off and write about where I stayed in Hungary (Pest). 

Pen zzxzz

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What is it you kunst face?

Or rather, my day out in Vienna at the Kunsthalle.

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Hi all, just visited the Kunst museum in Vienna.
Whoa, trippy, beware of the coffee they have here...







Vienna is quite amazing, Im sure, but being inside for most of the day looking at so pretty cool art, including, ironically, street art, even though I vowed it would be a long time before I stayed indoors for art's sake. But this was something different. Really well laid out exhibits with lots of mult media.
Sehr köölenstentschstein.

More from me soon.

I emailed this in, can you believe it?!
Hey, at least I'm not phoning it in...
... although, I am using my iPhone. Oh, the irony.

Jelly. xx

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