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Holy Cow! We're in India

The turn of events in getting us to where we're going.

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For some reason, I have decided to start at the very beginning. Just some really plane writing appears below.

The plane trip was a regular flight. After clearing customs and going to the TRS office to receive the GST back from our new Apple goods, we had a snack and a drink at the Movida airport offshoot: Pulpo. Delicious wine and scrumptious tapas. Where are we heading off to again?
We boarded the plane and passed by the sofa-wide business class seats and then continued through to cattle class. Appropriate seeing as we are heading to Delhi. Our seats were fantastic. We were on the upper deck of a massive plane, and i was delighted to play with all of the trimmings this new airbus had to offer. Very clever drink holders, lots of leg room, no-one sitting behind us so we could recline without compunction, and my favourite - an entire panel underneath the window that was a lidded compartment to store whatever we liked. It's my Ikea of plane happiness! Shortly after, we came up with the idea for a new hip restaurant/bar where the fit-out would be reminiscent of a airline travel. Without the turbulence. Fold down tables, funky cup holders and delicious meals in compartmented boxes. The Hanger, The Upright Position are just two of the names we are trialling. The group of four older ladies sitting near us were also very excited about the travelling and talked of many things, relevant and just plain chatty at a volume that was constant and pervasive. Helen and I both ironically commented "Thank goodness we didn't have any screaming babies near us". Why were they not drinking and falling asleep? How could they have so much to talk about. Should we show them how to use the fangled technology so that they could watch their ticket's worth of movies? Time to put on the headphones and binge and indulge in the in-flight entertainment, also to drown out the drone of the plane and the plain talk. We watched 3 films in synchronicity - The Perks of Being a Wallflower (okay), Taken 2 (just because) and Ruby Sparks (jury is still out). We drank our fill of gin and tonics and then red wine, which delivered us safely and drowsy to our stop over: Singapore.

Here we wandered swollen and tired through the numerous and bright Duty Free shops, checking the prices of Gin and perfumes, earmarking items for our Australian 2.25 litre goddamn privilege and right for our return trip. We then booked in a reflexology foot massage and back and shoulder rub. Try as we might, we could not rub away our tiredness, but we did wince with pleasure and pain at the strong delivery of this hour long indulgence. It was at this point that we decided we could discard our ever so tight in flight socks. No one else seemed to be wearing them and it was too difficult to get them back on. We herded ourselves back to the departure lounge and waited for the next leg. We were tired, surprisingly hungry - but happy.
Not so happy when we had to negotiate our way to our new centre location seats. There were already two Indian fellows firmly planted in our designated seats indicating that they were friends and wanted to sit there, and after some gentle pointing and the like, managed to get one of them to return to his seat on the other side of the plane, and conceded that the other could take one of our seats so he could at least see him on the aisle. All we really cared about was buckling in, blowing up neck cushions and inserting ear plugs to block the insistent and all pervasive sound of babies crying, children banging toy cars, and general loud murmurings of our fellow travellers. The strange thing about allowing these two friends to align themselves with one another on the aisle is that they both promptly did the same as us. Blankey tucked in, head back and mouth opened sleep.

No matter. We tried to sleep but were also hungry. Strangely so bearing in mind that we had eaten two full meals in little over 8 hours with minimal exercise in between. I would love to think that teeth brushing and drink ordering counts towards the recommended 30 minutes per day, but I know, and been told better than that. So when our meals arrived, we awoke and ate them with relish. Or mixed pickles to be precise. We were, after all on our Indian leg, so had our first rice bound meal of many. We ate our curry in a hurry and returned to the land of bad lumbar slumber.
Some hours later and after limited zeds caught, we touched down in our destination. Ticket holders at a Delhi counter. Holy cow indeed. What's to follow? Well, stay tuned...

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