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Bawnee Skortlarnd

Or how my accent never accents the best of any phrasing... Let's catch up with Penny in Scotland

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I know, I know, it's once again been a long time between drinks (but not for me) for sips from the Jelly Journey. I have been living it up in Scotland. Before that - living it up in London - catching up with new friends from travel and old friends from... Life travel.
But for now, let me bring you up to speed on my recent adventures...
Over 9 days ago I caught the Megabus bus to Inverness in Scotland. I need to point out that the bus was leaving London at 11:45 at night, so I was facing a twelve and a half hour journey throughout the night. It was a Sunday night and was cheaper than flying at short notice. I also thought it was going to be quite sparse on the bus, I imagined me and maybe three other scattered lost souls throughout the coach, powering through the night.
Instead, I got a surprise. Surely this is no surprise...

Firstly, I turned up in the nick of time at Victoria station and trundled my tailor made Scottish kit in my trusty One Planet TM backpack throughout the cool streets of mostly midnight London. I found the coach station, no problem. However, I could not find a destination of Inverness on the departure board. Every other city was listed, but no Inverness - luckily I had studied a map of Scotland, so knew the basic layout and headed of to a coach stance (Scottish for stand - they really are proud people, they take a stance on everyhing it seems!) that listed a city in the North, close enough to Inverness... and joined the biggest most disorganised queue you've ever seen. Luckily, a bus arrived and had the cities of arrival scrolling through the LED system. Inverness was listed (phew) but I was required to make a change in Perth. How long is this bus trip?! Anyhoo, I said see you later to my bag (not goodbye, never goodbye) going underneath the bus and hopped aboard the non numbered seating MEGAbus. This is certainly all very different to the European buses. I couldn't help but notice the bus was late (and subsequently all buses since have been late, this would never happen in Spain, you could set your watch to hose things), clearly running on Jelly time.
I found a window seat, more to rest my neck pillow on rather than viewing the passing and dark landscape of the night... And the largest girthed man took a seat next to me. Great. Twelve and a bit hours of fighting over the armrest- nay, trying to find the armrest. But then luckily, he swapped with another guy to sit with his wife. Lucky?! Or not?
Turns out, not.
I found myself sitting next to the drunk, stinky man that didn't realise or want to notice that I was wearing headphones. Sure, they weren't in use at the time, but he didn't need to know that. I slipped myself a generic half a  roofie and slunk into my shoulders to try and get some sleep. The past few days had been spent gathering warm clothes (I am now sponsored by Superdry - it is a dream come true)

and catching up with the folk of London, so luckily, I was quite tired. And it was midnight!!
At different stops along the way, Mr Stinky breath would produce a bag; brown and battered - and procure what I could only assume was cold McDonalds... And then I'd drift back into sleep once more... Over and over. Then, the next time I woke up, he was gone! And replaced with the sun and frost. But Mr Grunts-as-sleeps was gone - hooray! Him and his wandering legs. Just because I'm huddled into the corner doesn't mean you can cross the line of the seats and use that knee space as your own. That's my knee space, buddy!!!
Then I woke up just in the nick of time and changed buses at 8 in the morning.
New bus. New outlook. New journey. I was sitting in front of a kid being, well, a kid. This is the thought that ran through my tired brain:
"I'll give you a pound if you stop kicking the back of my seat, and I'll give you two if you keep doing it. Your choice."
Needless to say I didn't say that. I just tried to recoup he sleep that was lost in the first 8 hours.
Zzzzzzzzz scenery zzzzz wow! zzZZZZzzz ouch zzzzzzzzz crick zzzzzzZzzzzzZzzZzz dribble.

Then I arrived in Inverness - funny, true story, I used to live off Inverness Road in Kalorama when I was growing up. Not that funny, sure, not even interesting, but true, dammit!
And thus started my Scotland trip.
Inverness is lovely. Small but lovely. They have nice cafes, pubs, walks and information centre people, great hostels to stay with a cat and nice owners, a frozen food supermarket that also sold tinned haggis

and a great cinema/live theatre venue. What more could a gal want?! A close up of Nessie affording me the opportunity to make millions and pay off this trip aside: nothing!!

So I made plans for the rest of my trip... Stay tuned!!

Best Served Chilled Jelly x

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